Productos Luchini

Si te gustó la obra de Maxi, puedes tener también tu propia pieza, tenemos a la venta en nuestra tienda carteles, playeras, postales y una edición limitada de cabezas cuadradas. No olviden que la exposición de Maxi solo estará hasta mediados de mes!

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simon dijo...

Hi there -- sorry I'm posting this right here (couldn't find your e-mail address).

I have been deeply inspired by your blog and now have started to write my own. I would be happy to have a few regular readers and therefore ask you if we could do a "link exchange"?

Please let me know whether you are interested. I live in Switzerland and am excited to find out if I can join the English speaking bloggers' community. Please delete my comment after you have read it.



my blog is http://nastypredator.blogspot.com (the design is constantly improved :-) )